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Price List

Vehicle Washing: Includes exterior wash and vacuum

Pickup / SUV $35.00
Mini Van $30.00
Large Pickup $45.00 (example: F250, Dodge Ram Power Wagon)

Hand Waxing:

Pickup / SUV $60.00
Mini Van $65.00
Large Pickup $75.00

VEHICLE DETAILING: Pricing is based on $40.00/manhour
Exterior Detailing: Hand wash, clay bar, polish and protect buff with polymer sealant.
Interior Detailing: Vacuum, steam clean, shampoo, windows washed, sanitize and protect.

Average Costs:

4 hours / $160.00
Pickup / SUV 5 hours / $200.00
Mini Van 6 hours / $240.00
Large Pickup 6 hours / $240.00

An estimate will be given on all vehicles, the prices listed are average costs. Cost will vary depending on the condition (cleanliness) of the vehicle.

Sanitize / Odor Removal:
$75 for all vehicles (must have the vehicle for 24 hours to complete this process.

Paintless Dent Removal:
Vehicle must be examined to determine the size and location of the dent at which time an estimate will be given.

Window Tinting:
Window tinting done on premises - call for details

Other Services:

Removal of lettering, Leather cleaning / repair, Engine cleaning, Head light cleaning