Detailing a car does not just make it look more desirable. It also adds years to the life of your paint, ensuring many extra years of use before you even have to consider a new paint job Also, when the time comes to sell your car, nothing increases a car's value like a well-maintained finish.

This Mazda didn't need a paint job after all!! The dull paint on the hood was transformed back to the original factory gloss. This process will save you over 75% the cost of a paint job.

For each automobile I service I maintain precise attention to detail and thoroughness not found in the corner carwash. Every inch of your car is meticulously cleaned and polished.


Tar Removal



For the exterior I begin by washing the entire vehicle completely, from bumper to bumper. If needed I will prep the surface by polishing the paint as smooth as glass. The tires, wheels, wheel wells, trim, chrome, plastic lenses, the edges of the doors, hood and trunk, also get protected. No surface is left untouched.

Vinyl Repair


Seat Repair



Again, I meticulously clean every square inch. I shampoo the carpets and upholstery, clean and treat leather, all armrests, dashboard, floor console, air vents, door hinges and jams, weather strips, all painted surfaces, and rubber. The trunk is not forgotten.

Have an old treasure out in the garage that just doesn't have that classic shine anymore? Let me polish it up to it's former glory! Trim, chrome, and any other surface you think is beyond repair can probably be returned to its original luster.